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WHEN NON-LIT SIGNAGES are good to start?

What is the best way to plan for Retail Branding? We need to consider several things before we decide on elements to cover in branding. Be it In-shop branding or Signages, we need to go through a checklist before we decide on the same When Brands should go for NONLIT Boards? 1) When we have huge retail market to cover! say 5000 Medical outlets to be branded, the overall budget will go for a toss, better start with Nonlit. 2) When we feel the competition might take up our space soon (this soon is debatable but lets say the period might be 6 months or less).

3) If the brands want to do a quick changeover of the creatives then it makes sense to execute non-lit Signage as Glowsign boards will be expensive. 4) If You aren't in the category of Premium brands go for NONLIT Boards. 5) You are a premium brand but the location where it is sold doesn't have an existing LIT Board then better we maintain the same and continue with Nonlit or Flex Boards as the shopkeeper might not switch on the lights for cost-saving and other purposes. Even though Glow Signboards have a number of advantages, I would advise checking the life of the Signage before investing heavily in this media. We have clients whose Glow sign board won't be removed by competition or the shop owner himself, in such cases, Glowsign gives a better return on investment.

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