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How not to do Retail branding

Brands often want to cover more and more space in a retail outlet. Today we will be covering ways not to do Retail branding. While the selection of stores is of utmost importance, it is also important that the space we get is highly visible to shoppers.

Common Mistakes Marketers do while doing branding

1) Selects all media options - restrict yourself to only those options which are more visible, take outdoor locations as the visibility increases multifold

2) Not having enough creatives - if at all we have to select more options, make sure that the brand has so many creatives for the same. Like in the below images we can see that brand is having only 1 creative for inshop branding and the same is being used on the left-right and centre of the branch.

When branding is essential at all spaces available, it is crucial for a brand to have minimum of 5-6 creatives so there is less repeatition. When we help corporates for their retail branch branding we ensure that such mistakes are avoided. One way Vision, Sunboard Vynls, Signages all form Retail branding and First Marketing Services help you with same PAN India. We have experience of Bank branding for over 8 years and we have undertaken projects of Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, Indusind Bank, Essel Finance and more. Do connect with me on linkedin at

I am Bhavin Kariya and available on 9320066133 & at

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