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Win the retailer before you win a customer!

Retail Branding is simple, Retailer is the first customer of a brand, if he is Happy then half battle is won! There are several categories where Retailer pushes a brand - these are categories where consumers don't research in advance and come. like FMCG as a category people rarely come prepared with what they want to order, When a customer visits a retailer 90% of the time they come unplanned. He is not sure what product he wants. He will take name of a category and here a retailer plays an important role in pushing the product, retailer convinces the buyer that the product he is suggesting is a good one. Since we have to drive consideration in the mind of the buyer, we have to first convince our first buyer which is retailer. Shop Branding plays a subconscious role in determining which brand the retailer will push. If a retailer is seeing your branding in a store, subconsciously he is thinking about your brand and won't this make him recommend it more often? Lets make the plan to convince the retailer first before we convince the buyer. Retail branding is 1 thing to look after as this will always be there at his shop which will act as a 24 hours salesman in the shop. What key elements we should be having in a retail branding ?considering retailer is important. 1) He should be given more branding space - sometimes we call it dealer board so let him enjoy some space. anything less than 30% and the dealer is unhappy, only sometimes he will tell you the rest of the time he will just remove the signage. 2) He should be given space for all his needs - maybe he wants to put up a licence number, GST number, mobile number or even address - it is his space and he should have all he wants here 3) if a retailer wants a logo for himself in the shop signage, he should be allowed to have the same. Make your retailer happy and he will ensure that your brand sells the most in his store. Ask me anything about Retail branding, I am reachable on +9320066133 and also by email -

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