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What is NON-Trade Signage?

Nontrade Signage is signage placed at a retail store where the products of the company are not sold.

Usually Flex Boards or Nonlit boards as they are called are placed here, these are inexpensive and quick to install.

Eg. Times of India Signage on a Tailor Shop; Mango Sip Signage on a Travel Shop.

Why would a brand do this? - To get free visibility at a prominent location; it can be looked at as an alternative to outdoor branding.

Costs involved: Free to Monthly Rental of Rs 500. Imagine rentals of outdoor on Western Express Highway in Mumbai will run into 2-5 lakhs and below the same outdoor we can place the signage at a minimal cost.

Obviously, it cannot be compared but we can definitely get a slice of that outdoor visibility.

When does it work well? - It works well when the branding is done in mass so that it gets noticed

First Marketing Services - Helping new-age businesses with Retail Visibility!

Here are some photos of the visibility done by First Marketing Services for a business application My Bill Book in Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Contact First Marketing Services today on 9320066133 or write to for Non-Trade Signages PAN India.

Do comment for any queries and we will get back, thanks.

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