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The great battle of Glowsign or Nonlit Signage

Often brands are faced with the decision as to whether they should use a glow sign or non-lit signage for branding! We are giving away a few pointers which will make it easy to decide. 1) Are your stores open after 7 p.m.? Many shops in certain categories close at 7 p.m. like garages. 2) How many months do you predict your signage would stay? is competition active in branding, would they replace your signage easily? 3) Would the retailer keep the lights on? There will always be stores in all the categories that would want to save money on electric bills by not switching on the Glow Signboard lights, so evaluate these stores.

4) What branding your competition is following? If your competition with a lower market share is wooing retailers with GSB Signage then you should be on your toes or you might lose some good visibility. 5) What is the volume of sales the retailer contributes? If the retailer is contributing to above-average sales then you should definitely consider giving GSB, Also, are sales increasing? Will this dealer qualify for GSB soon? Then too you may consider this store for GSB Branding.

6) How loyal is the dealer? Yes, they have been with us since inception. Do consider this! 7) Will your sales increase with Glow Sign Board Branding? If yes, how soon will you reach the breakeven point, 2 months? Just do it fast! 8) Is the store at a busy junction? If yes, won't this Glow Sign Board be a mini hoarding for your brand? Go for it! If it's in the internal road with few people even looking at it, then I would advise having a non-lit board placed here. 9) Is the retailer asking for it? And more weightage to this point, above all, if the retailer doesn't need it, do you want to give it? 10) Do check if the Municipal Corporation allows glow signboards? Many Municipal Corporations like BMC, Pune Municipality, Hazaribaug Municipality and others don't support Glow Signboards as they fear it will distract motorists, damages the aesthetics of the city. If the law doesn't allow then it doesn't make sense to invest heavily. Hope you find this guide useful! If you need more specific things to discuss we are a call away. My number is 9320066133. Warm Regards, Bhavin Kariya

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