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Nonlit or GSB - is there anything in between?

For some categories, non-lit looks cheap, GSB is expensive, so is there a middle ground? This question comes up often for us, and the answer is YES, we can make a sign that looks like GSB but does not have any lights. Wow, so this makes the signage cheaper?? Yes, but what also makes it cheaper is there will be no coated tin sheets on the sides, no GI sheet at the backside, saving a lots lot of cost. Amazing! True, the result is we get a thick, 3d Signage Box frame to view These dealer boards are easy to install, + your retailers would be happy to see themselves being upgraded. First Marketing Services, is here to help you install these Signages PAN INDIA. Do take a look at the video to see how it looks, and we are a call away if you need more help. We helped ITEL to install the Choco signage in Mumbai, Thane, Raigad districts Regards, Bhavin Kariya First Marketing Services 9320066133

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