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LD Banners made easy

STOP Printing Flex banners

1- LD Banners are cost effective. 60% cheaper than flex banners

2- Saves Transportation cost (upto 50% lighter than FLEX)

3- Quick to install (sales and distributor team loves it)

LD Banner or Foam Banner as they are popularly called are awesome way to do branding in retail outlets. printing is done at 1 second per banner so imagine 1 lakh banners can be printed in 1 day flat which will be transported and deployed quickly over next few days. Include LD banners in your retail campaign, we can help you to print the same and deploy PAN India

So next time you want your new brand campaign to reach lakhs of outlets it is a matter of few days. First Marketing Services - making retail branding simple. based in Mumbai, covering entire India. Contact 9320066133 or reach out to for more

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