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Guaranteed way to get Shelf space in a retail Store!

Ask any sales Head and he would say that if they got more shelf space they would be able to sell more but most brands don't get shelf space as the shelves are already occupied! Why are they occupied? Since there are so many brands, just enter a hardware store and there will be a minimum of 600 brands in a small store. You go to a mobile store and you will be surprised to know that a 200 sq. ft shop has more than 200 brands all fighting for shelf space.

But this fight still seems manageable, now imagine this 250 sq. ft Grocery Store or your local Kirana Mom and POP stores, this shop has no less than 1500 brands. Who is occupying so much space? in any shop the category leader takes the maximum space, let's say Hindustan Unilever would take max space in LUX, Lifeboy, surf Excel, Rin, Wheel, Domex, Vim leaving little space for Tide and Ariel.and this repeats for every category leader. So how do we solve this problem? This problem can be solved by having a display competition, where we set the rules for Stores on what kind of display is expected from them. For this we can also set rules like Branding of company has to be prominently displayed, all branding provided by company like Glow Sign boards, Nonlit boards, inshop branding, one way vision, posters, danglers, shelf talkers and others has be to in place to have maximum impact. Needless to say that the price money / gift has to be substantial else the retailer wont be bothered at all. 1 more branding element i want to stress is of Table Tops, FSU, people sometimes call this floor standing unit or Free standing unit. Since the stores are already occupied with lot of brands and there is no really space in the shelf anylonger, why dont we create a shelf of our own! Yes, a new shelf - which is light weight, portable, easy to install. This can become a game changer for getting new space in store, make them, install them at prominent space in stores and Voila! You now get premium space in the retail outlet. This can be customised as per your product dimensions, weight bearing capacity etc etc. This is not only economical to make but also economical to transport, you can transport even 1 piece of the FSU, What makes it lighter? This is usually made of Sunpack and Honeycomb material which is 90% lighter than plywood. For FSU execution and more on how to get the retail branding done right connect with or call on 9320066133

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